Nose is an organ which gives both form to the face as well as provides function by breathing.

Anaesthetic - General

Length of stay - 8 nights 

Length of operation - 2-3 weeks

Return to normal life - 10 days

Rhinoplasty can be made through an open or closed approach. The open approach requires that small incision is made across the nose while the closed approach is a surgical procedure that is performed inside the nose. Dr Mak has a national and international clientele who travel specifically to Antalya to have their noses sculpted by him. He can correct a short or long nose, increase the tip length or just refine it, reduce the nasal bridge and eliminate a nasal or dorsal bump.

Crooked Nose

The crooked nose is usually the result of a crooked septum and nasal bones. In addition to causing cosmetic deformity, this often causes breathing problems. Repairing a crooked nose is a complex procedure that requires understanding of the airway. It is important to note that no surgeon can promise a perfectly straight nose. This is because the nose consists of cartilage which has “memory”. This means that the cartilage likes to go back to where it was before. Dr Mak does his best to ensure that cartilage remains in its new and straight position.

Nose Reshapind - Rhinoplasty 

First of all Dr Mak will want to understand your goals and expectations. If he agrees with your expectations he will walk you through every step of the way. During your surgery, Dr Mak will reshape your nose while you are under the care of experiences anesthesiologists. After the surgery, you will have a light splint on your nose for a week. Most people can go back to your normal life one week after surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is already a very specialized area of plastic surgery, but revision rhinoplasty can provide to be the most difficult. Dr Mak will need to hear your goals for the surgery in order to design the best plan of action for your revision. He does not perform “cookie-cutter” procedures. He will lay out a plan for your revision to give you the natural and aesthetically pleasing results you want.

Before your treatments you might also need to:

Stop smoking. Smoking decreases blood flow in the skin and can slow the healing process. If you smoke , Dr Mak will recommend that you stop smoking before surgery and during recovery.

Avoid certain medications. You will likely need to avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, blood tinners and herbal supplements, which can increase bleeding.

As you begin your journey toward considering plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements , my goal as your plastic surgeon is to provide you the highest quality of care throughout the entire process.

Dr. Mehmet Arif Karagöz

DRMAK Plastic Surgeon

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